When it comes to the topic of human origin, the Natural Selection Theory by Charles Darwin is the one that many are still questioning even in the present time. In Darwin’s theory, his argument is that humans evolved from apes. His theory of evolution has been the subject of plenty debates. Many are questioning if evolution is real.

Many are not satisfied with the theory. Plenty of people do not understand what evolution is and argue that it is not real. Here are some facts, which prove that evolution is a real thing. Now a days people using meet n fuck apps for that perfect fuck buddy have a huge advantage in evolution.

Fossil Records

The extensive fossil records that have been discovered are evidence that species come and go. They change over time and the fossil records help evolutionary biologists in studying the various progressions they are making, as they are interconnected. They serve as the chain of continuity that links one species to another.

Life’s ever-changing diversity is clearly demonstrated in the presence of the fossils. It provides insights as to how life changes dramatically since the time it emerged. The advances of evolution are explained through this. Many may argue that the fossil records found are incomplete. However, the explanations they are presenting are undeniably reasonable and helpful in making people understand where the idea of evolution came from.

Common Ancestor’s Matching Trait

Evolutionary biologists usually point out the difference in some species as they branch away from their common ancestors. However, to present their argument better, they also point out the matching traits that species have with their common ancestors.

In Darwin’s theory, he pointed out that the common characteristics that species share are indisputable data that is pointing in great favor of his evolution theory. It shows how species diverge when changes happen in its circumstances.

Imperfect Characteristics

Humans are not the ideal species. In the human body itself, plenty of inherent flaws are found. However, Perfection is not something that evolution cares about at all. Adaptation is good enough for this one. Evolution can never start from scratch. A species is always crafted from an existing form. This is the main reason why problematic or awkward characteristics are developed.


The theory of evolution claims that all creatures have the same ancestors. This claim is supported by striking evidence in the form of genetics. Their basic genetic code is the same. According to a study, creatures that are closely related share more DNA. This conclusion came after biologists compared the genetic codes of some species. Chimpanzees are the closest relatives of humans to whom they share 99% of genetic material. Gorillas are distant cousins whom are 96% similar in terms of genetics.

The history of evolution has been a puzzle. As the understanding of genetics improved, people start to piece the swaths of that history together.

Real Time Evolution

Evolution is considered something that had happened in the past hundreds of years ago. Often, it is true. However, many examples of evolution have happened in the current time.

The peppered moth is one of the most famous examples of real time evolution happening. This species lives in the British forests. In 19th century, they are white. After the tree blackening in the Industrial revolution, evolution started to take place. In 1811, the first black specimen for the peppered moth was spotted. This type of moth is more difficult to find as they camouflaged effectively in the dark trees. Before the century ended, the black ones already outnumber the white peppered moths. However, as the forests in Britain start to become clean again, white moths are beginning to increase in number once more.

Evolution is a theory not a hunch

Many people who do not believe in evolution always say that is just a theory. Theory is usually used to mean something as a mere guess or hypothesis. However, for scientists, the use of the word means much more. Every theory they made is supported with facts that lead them to conclude something. The evolution theory is not a mere hunch. It’s a theory that even today, maintains its relevance in scientific communities throughout the world. It’s also remains a topic of debate.

The theory of evolution is something that is unresolved up until now. People are not satisfied with the explanations given before. However, the theory is something that people cannot ignore. There are existing evidences that support Darwin’s theory. Evolution is real. Studies and research have proven that it is. Even ordinary people have seen evolution in their own eyes regardless of how simple the occurrence is.